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Slowly carving its niche within the CBD industry, Green Unicorn Farms, is becoming a player amongst the larger brands.

While they don’t put their hands in the dirt to physically grow the hemp plants that are packaged for their products, they carefully curate everything else that the brand touches.

This includes working with the farmers in selecting what strains they would like to incorporate into their product line, which includes CBD hemp flower, CBD prerolls, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, and CBD topicals.

CBD School was lucky to be one of the first CBD information sites that were able to test a whole bunch of products around the time the brand launched at the end of 2019.

Over the years there have been a bunch of CBD flower-first CBD brands that have launched, tapping a market that was originally overlooked within the CBD industry as it began to grow. Nowadays, this niche of the market is exploding, and Green Unicorn Farms looks to capitalize on what they see as a gap within the market of more affordable CBD flower products, while also offering the more traditional CBD products like tinctures, gummies, and topicals.

Let’s take a look at what makes this brand special!

About Green Unicorn Farms

While they aren’t the farmers who tend to the crop, co-owners Robert Hising, and Christopher Leonard, care as much about the product as someone who has woken up at the crack of dawn and worked the soil to oversee a crop of hemp plants growing in the sun (or artificial sun).

Robert told us, “We curate the best strains from boutique partner farms. We partner with both indoor and outdoor growers and work very closely with them in order to ensure impeccable quality and consistent supply. It also allows us to have a very large menu. We have symbiotic relationships where the grower can focus on improving their craft and we on ours.

That being said, a few months ago we started building our own grow room so pretty soon we will have a signature flower as well.”

Having met in Argentina in 2016, and with equal love for cannabis, the two slowly partnered to develop an online portal that would sell high-quality CBD flower at an affordable price.

The idea of incorporating a unicorn into the name comes from their belief that everyone needs to find the strain that resonates with them. Some people are drawn to more of a Sativa vibe which assists in getting the consumer to get up and go, while others find their solace in Indica which are usually CBD strains for sleep.

One of the excellent features of the brand’s website is the ability to easily, and quickly, find a product that connects with your journey. Most brands do not take the user experience into consideration when building their website, sadly. Green Unicorn does just the opposite and makes it super simple to find “Nighttime” and “Daytime” CBD strains, and overall CBD products, which when you’re deep in a search for a specific effect is much appreciated.

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beginners guide to CBD

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Products

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Hemp Flower

We will start with the product that is pretty much the brand’s flagship product, CBD flower.

Green Unicorn has strain after strain (after strain) available to the consumer. We’re talking classics like Bubba Kush and Afghan Skunk to some of the newer strains on the market Dragon’s Breath and Grapefruit.

Some of the CBD strains that they currently offer are Cali Gold, Wedding Cake, Pink Panther, Fruit Loops, AC/DC, Purple Lemon Octane, and Abacus Diesel… man, my fingers are getting tired listing all of these!

Clearly labeling when a strain is either “nighttime” or “daytime” appropriate, and if the strain was grown indoors. If it isn’t labeled then the hemp flower was grown in the sun, sorry no greenhouse offerings here.

The brand also offers flower sample packs that come in six-packs of individually packaged strains containing 1gram, 3.5grams, or 7gram bags. Each bag is resealable and easy to keep the buds that haven’t been smoked fresh, and smell-proof.

While each of the two sample packs won’t allow you to choose exactly what strain you receive since each sample is pre-determined, you will receive a variety that includes different flavors, potency, and effects, to assist you in finding your personal green unicorn.

Looking for a CBD preroll sample pack? You’re in luck, they offer that as well!

At the time of this review, you also have the option for one CBG flower, a White CBG strain that is meant to assist you with anxiety issues.

Overall, the brand’s CBD flower products taste yummy, whether rolled in a CBD cigarette or packed into a pipe. Every option we tried was smooth and tasty, exactly what you’re looking for when purchasing CBD flower.

Try Green Unicorn CBD Flower

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Green Unicorn Farms Tinctures and Gummies

Relatively new to its product line, CBD tinctures, and gummies are a welcome addition.

Green Unicorn keeps its selection short and sweet, with a few tincture offerings, including a CBDV tincture, and offered in both a broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD option.

Utilizing MCT coconut oil as the CBD carrier oil, the three tincture options are all made with simple, clean ingredients. The full-spectrum tincture is simply carrier oil and CBD, nothing else, which is great!

The CBDV tincture uses broad-spectrum CBD, along with water, hemp seed oil, colloidal silver, and peppermint oil.

The “Sleep Drops”, which let’s be real, who couldn’t use better sleep at night(?!), also contain melatonin and mint flavoring. This tincture is made with full-spectrum CBD which allows your body to experience the entourage effect.

We usually save edibles for last, and this Green Unicorn Farms CBD review is no different!

With a product line of only two options at the time of this review, you have a vegan, and non-vegan option.

The vegan option is the “Sleep Gummies” which come in 30-count packs with four flavors, watermelon, lemon, tangerine, and raspberry. Each gummy contains 25mg which should assist the average person count sheep more comfortably, but some may need an additional half or full gummy to feel the effect they desire.

We tried these gummies for a couple of weeks and were impressed with how our bodies reacted to consuming them each night about an hour or so before hitting the pillow.

The other gummies option offered is “Sour Gummy Bears” which we didn’t try, due to the fact we don’t consume gelatin.

Based on the reviews, however, people love them!

Each bottle contains 30-count, and there are also four sour flavors in each bottle.

If you’re looking for a slight discount you can purchase a “Sleep Bundle” that contains one Sleep Drop tincture, and the Sleep Gummies!

Try Green Unicorn Tinctures & Gummies

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Giving Back to the Community

As mentioned at the beginning of our Green Unicorn CBD review, the brand saw a gap within the industry, with affordable CBD flower-based products. While they’re looking to fill this price gap, they’re also looking to give to the cannabis community who need some assistance.

This includes offering an anytime discount to active duty, veterans, and dependents of the US military, as well as citizens over the age of 55.

For both scenarios, all you have to do is sign into VerifyPass, and after you do you will receive a one-time discount code for 25% off your purchase.

While you are able to utilize your discount every time you make a purchase, you will need to verify your information each time and are limited to one code per every 24-hour period.

Green Unicorn Farms has also partnered with Sweetleaf Collective to create ALTRSM smalls, which are packs of smaller buds that come at a smaller price tag.

This partnership was created to assist compassion for those in need. The profits of these packs go to providing funding for Sweetleaf’s patients.

A truly caring endeavor that is worth you checking out!


While Green Unicorn Farms isn’t stocked with more traditional CBD products that other larger brands provide, what the brand set out to do from the beginning is to provide high-quality CBD flower-based products at an affordable price. They have hit the mark with hitting this goal!

With a website that is easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for, shipping that is discrete and always free with purchases over $49, Green Unicorn knows what they’re doing, and they’re doing it very well!

We highly recommend checking them out, finding a strain that resonates with you, and placing an order to see what we’re writing about.


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